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"It's more than just website creation. It's a one-stop-shop for your marketing and advertising solutions!"

TOKEOMEDIA, develops innovative strategies and concepts.


Need a logo created for your business? Creating a logo can often seem like a daunting task. Tokeomedia will propose templates during the logo creation process to simplify the decision-making process for you. BRANDING Creating a corporate identity includes all visual and verbal elements that help create a strong and consistent brand image for a company. This includes elements such as the name, logo, typography, colors, images, and messages used to communicate with customers and stakeholders. The goal of corporate identity branding is to create a unique and memorable brand image that reflects the company's values and objectives, and differentiates it from its competitors.


"Our approach is to provide you with comprehensive assistance and service, freeing you from any technical worries related to the operation of your website. After delivering your website, whether it be a showcase, catalog, or e-commerce site, our team of web consultants and analysts will be able to effectively accompany and advise you in your internet project. We establish a web strategy oriented towards your business objectives from the start, tailored to your client base. Furthermore, we have 3D creators and "ThreeJS" for an immersive customer experience!"

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TOKEOMEDIA specializes in providing 360 services to businesses in web marketing concepts and communication. The content of social media is now recognized by search engines. We adapt our services in relation to the growth and evolution of the web and social networks. Social media is an excellent tool to make you known to your potential customers and companies seeking professionals.

You can give us the mandate to manage your promotional campaigns, contests, etc. on social media and blogs, so that you can dedicate your efforts to what brings you returns. What is the investment to benefit from social networking now? The value of your time! Social web is a key step in the transformation of the web. To be seen before others while standing out from your competitors, you will show your clients that you have an effective marketing strategy and therefore obtain more results.

IT Solutions / Software Development / Virtual Assistance

Tokeomedia provides advanced technological solutions such as custom software, virtual network support, advanced cybersecurity solutions, and server deployment. We help businesses streamline their business processes, maximize efficiency, remotely manage their infrastructure while minimizing costs and increasing productivity. 

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Cybersecurity is of utmost importance to ensure the protection of businesses against computer hacking, data theft, and other online threats. Within our organization, we believe that security should be the ultimate priority of all companies. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of technology services to help our clients safely navigate the digital world. From data protection to network security, advanced threat detection and prevention systems, we offer all necessary tools for businesses to secure their online presence. Our goal is to facilitate the digital transformation of our clients while ensuring their online safety, allowing them to focus on growing their business and achieving their goals without worrying about online security threats.


At Tokeomedia, we understand your business challenges and are dedicated to delivering results while respecting your time and budget. Our motivation is to be your partner in creating and executing strategic marketing and communication initiatives. We are driven by innovative ideas and passionate about our work. Tokeomedia's 360 services are designed to optimize your actions and provide you with tools to effectively communicate with your clients across multiple media platforms

Logistics advice and recommendations provided. Consulting support for the development of relevant and current media strategy. Designing and writing digital press kits. Writing press releases and translating them as needed. Distributing release and information to journalists.

Internal/External Press Relations

Consolidation of the sense of belonging, publication of statements, strengthening of internal leadership, consolidation of understanding and perception of the brand image.



Tokeomedia offers comprehensive event planning and management services, from programming and production to entertainment, special event coordination, activities, and event promotion. We also offer site management consulting services, including long-term planning, program and policy development, needs assessments, training, and general assistance. Our services are available worldwide to help businesses, organizations, fairs and festivals, families, and event venues. We pay attention to detail and take a personalized approach.

From developing the event concept or theme to securing the best possible location, managing the logistics leading up to an event, and finally executing and post-event statistical evaluation, TOKEOMEDIA can manage all aspects of your event.

We believe that events are powerful tools for motivating staff, clients, selling products, and growing your business. To inspire, inform, and even position you in the marketplace. Exceptional events require creative thinking, precise planning, and meticulous attention to detail. If the goal of the event is to impress and create a mood, TOKEOMEDIA will help you achieve your objectives.



Music: We have an incomparable variety of DJs and presenters to suit any type of event. And an impressive number of musicians to complement the atmosphere of an event. A duo, trio, quartet, we have something for every taste. Your requirements are our standards.

Technical: Lighting and sound during an event are vital. Simply making the right choice goes a long way in the success of a party. We have a variety of lighting effects, both ambient and stage-level and nightlife.


Do you want a video to showcase the services you offer, on your TV screens in your waiting room, or if you want a summary video of your product launch or just a web capsule to put on your website or various social media platforms on the internet? Here's what we can accomplish together for your business: company video and photo, advertorial, music video, training, pro-video movement, advertising broadcast, documentary, conference capture, event capture/show, your web capsule, 4D programming and animation, and editing.

We can also create for you: company introduction video, inauguration, business opening, launch, culinary web capsules, and renovations carried out at your company. Additionally, we offer a stabilized aerial photo and video service with a drone.


We, along with our partners, are transforming urban spaces into complete immersive experiences. Using multi-sensory and interactive installations, 360-degree projections, and architectural mapping, we are bringing wonder into people's everyday lives and bringing them closer together.


In order to optimize your events and position them at a professional and global level, we offer the use of innovative technologies and the development of customized solutions to ensure a unique and exceptional experience. With our expertise, we are able to provide you with the latest technological advancements to achieve remarkable results.

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