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Motion Picture Industry

Tokeomedia offers services, including distinguished subsidiaries such as Tokeo Studios and Productions. With extensive experience and knowledge, Tokeomedia has become a leading provider of superior services within the film industry.

Our services allow you to expand your reach worldwide and achieve new heights of excellence. We pride ourselves in providing elite services that bring your productions to the forefront of the constantly evolving film industry.

Embrace our innovative solutions and benefit from our expertise to take your film to the next level.


We specialize in location scouting for film shoots worldwide. We also offer the opportunity to rent equipment on location when available to interested producers and companies. Our expertise in site research ensures that every shoot takes place in a suitable and realistic setting, helping directors create captivating  cinematic works. We take pride in our experience and our ability to provide high-quality services to our clients, with each of our offerings tailored to their needs and budgets. Feel free to contact us to discover how we can assist you in finding the most suitable filming locations for your cinematic projects.


Within the film industry, seeking financial partners is essential for the realization of groundbreaking cinematic projects. We work closely with industry professionals to identify potential sponsors whose technical and financial support is crucial to ensure the success of each project. As experts in the film industry, we are committed to providing superior quality service to support filmmakers, producers, and creators in their pursuit of cinematic excellence in an increasingly competitive market. 

Products Placement

We are a company specializing in product placement. We offering quality service by paying attention to every detail. Our team is composed of experienced professionals, and we have the ability to understand scenarios well in order to integrate suitable and relevant products. Our goal is to introduce high-quality products to generate additional profits for the production of movies, TV series, and television programs. We are proud to help our clients increase their revenue through our expertise in product placement. 

Press Release & Marketing Strategies

The marketing development strategy for movies has unique characteristics that require a specific approach. Our goal is to create viral concepts on the internet that engage audiences and contribute to increasing your visibility. We also offer a comprehensive press release service with many features to perfect your marketing strategy and optimize your online presence. We have in-depth knowledge of the cinema industry and put our expertise at your disposal to help you achieve your communication and promotion objectives successfully. 

Locations city of Our Offices

What a Wonderfull World!

Vancouver, BC, Canada

architecture building & Park

Los Angeles city, CA, USA

Historic famous Griffith Park Observatory at Sunset

Nîmes, Gard, France

IconIc and historic location.

Montréal, Qc, Canada

Old port of Montréal, and Jacques-Cartier Bridge


We also collaborate with international studios and historic or specific thematic locations to obtain remarkable places for you. We also find locations with unique or sought-after requests and elements for your film production. 

We are available to offer you expert and creative service and available internationally. Contact us to create a formula tailored to your specific needs.
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